Maria Teresa & Moustaki Quartet Pour Un Ami
CSB Productions / L’Autre Distribution

“Maria Teresa and the musicians accompanying her make me feel envious, agreeably and deeply envious of this album in which the sensitivity and musicality of her voice, the talent of the musicians, the clarity and balance of the arrangements and the harmonious diversity of the compositions take us on a long promenade towards a Lusophone world full of the most wonderful emotions. »

These words were written and signed by Georges Moustaki to mark the release of Maria Teresa’s album “O Mar” (Le Chant du Monde / harmonia mundi, 2003). And understandably so… Maria Teresa was supporting artist for many of Moustaki’s concerts (including two in L’Olympia in 2000 and 2003) and often sang with him during his most recent recitals. Moustaki knew just how elegantly Maria Teresa expresses the emotions of her Portuguese roots, of Brazil, of the Lusophone world in general and of the country of her birth and her childhood through the lyrics given us by the authors of French chanson. Singer of the songs of the people, Maria Teresa is gifted with a warm and clear voice, sweet and calm yet tinged with solemnity, able to penetrate to the bottom of your soul. She moves as by her kindness, modesty, gentleness mixed with strength… Moustaki probed her soul and knew just how much the purity of her song reflects the purity of her heart.